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Country: Canada

# Author
Place Year
1 Jim_Brandenburg_A_male_wolf_jumps_across_ic_822.jpg
Jim Brandenburg

Ellesmere Island Canada 1987
A male wolf jumps across ice floes in search of food that might have washed up.

2 Ernest_Schworck_Lennart_Dahlgren_(Sweden)_c_383.jpg
Ernest Schworck

Montreal Canada 1976
Lennart Dahlgren (Sweden) celebrates his first place in the Olympic weightlifting competition.

3 Laurent_J._Frigault_Pastel_canopy!_8941.jpg
Laurent J. Frigault

Canada 2013
Pastel canopy!

4 Clive_Schaupmeyer_Moonset_3635.jpg
Clive Schaupmeyer

Canada 2005

5 Chip_Phillips_Lake_Louise,_Banff_National_4055.jpg
Chip Phillips

Canada 2007
Lake Louise, Banff National Park

6 Jeff_Vinnick_Coming_up_for_air._Seconds__1224.jpg
Jeff Vinnick

Vancouver Canada 1995
Coming up for air. Seconds after being born at the Vancouver Aquarium, a baby beluga whale heads for the surface to draw breath. The healthy calf was named Qila and weighed in at just over 100 pounds. Only two dozen belugas have ever been born in captivity. After a few years they lose their gray pigmentation - hence their other name: the white whale.

7 Didier_Debusschere_Formula-one_driver_Alexande_1357.jpg
Didier Debusschere

Montreal Canada 1998
Formula-one driver Alexander Wurz crashes his car during the Canadian Grand Pri. Four drivers were involved in a pile-up soon after the start, as all tried to go into a corner together. Wurz collided with French driver Jean Alesi and was launched into a roll. He continued the race in a spare vehicle and went on to come fourth, with Michael Schumacher taking first place.

8 John_Mabanglo_Chelsea_Davis_(US)_strikes__1684.jpg
John Mabanglo

Montreal Canada 2005
Chelsea Davis (US) strikes her face on the diving board while attempting an inward two-and-a-half somersault in the preliminary round of the women's three-meter springboard competition at the FINA World Championships. She required three stitches but otherwise sustained no serious injury. The championships showcase five disciplines: water polo, open water swimming, diving, swimming and synchronized swimming.

9 Paul_Nicklen_After_four_years_at_sea,_ma_2087.jpg
Paul Nicklen

Quebec Canada 2003
After four years at sea, massive wild Atlantic salmon return to one of the few remaining healthy rivers in Eastern Canada. As wild Atlantic salmon populations falter, salmon farming is on the increase globally, with over 274 million farmed fish present in the world's waters. Pound for pound, more pesticides and antibiotics are used than in any other livestock industry, having an impact on both human health and the environment.

10 Eric_Travers_Aurora_Borealis_(Northern_L_2102.jpg
Eric Travers

Yukon Canada 2004
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) appears over Coal Lake. Solar particles emitted during large explosions and flares on the sun's surface, collide with gases in the Earth's atmosphere. The energy resulting from the interaction between this 'solar wind' (as it is known) and molecules in the atmosphere is emitted in the form of photons - and many such individual collisions appear to make the aurora move across the sky, creating a spectacular natural light display.

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