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Country: Romania

# Author
Place Year
1 Frank_Fournier_An_abandoned_child_ravaged__960.jpg
Frank Fournier

Romania 1990
An abandoned child ravaged by Aids. Over a quarter of the children in Romanian orphanages are infected with Aids. The cause is a lack of clean needles and the practice of giving under-nourished children transfusions of blood untested for Aids contamination.

2 Alex_Caranfil_Walking_with_the_birds_3763.jpg
Alex Caranfil

Romania 2007
Walking with the birds

3 Floriana_Barbu_Golden_summer_day_4105.jpg
Floriana Barbu

Romania 2005
Golden summer day

4 David_Turnley_Start_of_a_new_era._Taking__901.jpg
David Turnley

Romania 1989
Start of a new era. Taking over former President Nicolae Ceausescu's office. Twenty-four years after Ceausescu established himself as dictator, the army turned against him and took over his office at the Communist Party headquarters. Ceausescu and his wife attempted to flee the country, but they were subsequently arrested and executed.

5 Vincent_Leloup_A_plant_producing_lamp-blac_1963.jpg
Vincent Leloup

Copsa Mica Romania 1990
A plant producing lamp-black, which is used to make rubber tires black, causes the town's pollution. Once an occupational hazard in the West, lead poisoning is a less obvious but major health hazard. People are regularly taken away to sanatoriums to recover from the effects of pollution.

6 Alexandru_Axon_The_Wild_Goat_3901.jpg
Alexandru Axon

Romania 2005
The Wild Goat

7 Gilles_Saussier_Soldiers_under_fire_in_Timi_899.jpg
Gilles Saussier

Timisoara Romania 1989
Soldiers under fire in Timisoara, a name which became a battle-cry of the Romanian revolution. For a long time it looked as if the tide of change sweeping over Eastern Europe would pass Romania by, but the arrest of a clergyman in Timisoara sparked the first anti-communist riots.

8 Thierry_Chesnot_Soldiers_interrupt_their_ba_913.jpg
Thierry Chesnot

Bucharest Romania 1989
Soldiers interrupt their battle with the Securitate secret police to share a bite to eat. Whenever the fighting died down, citizens flooded the street.

9 Georges_Merillon_At_a_Warsaw_Pact_meeting_So_918.jpg
Georges Merillon

Bucharest Romania 1989
At a Warsaw Pact meeting Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev toasts his host, Romania's long-time president Nicolae Ceausescu. It was to be the last meeting between the two.

10 Barry_Lewis_Unfiltered_lampblack_is_emi_945.jpg
Barry Lewis

Copsa Mica Romania 1990
Unfiltered lampblack is emitted into the air. The filters of the lampblack factory have not been repaired for 15 years, exposing the town's people to a deadly cocktail of lead, tin and sulfuric acid. The plant belches sooty smoke straight into the atmosphere, creating a blackened area visible from space.

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