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Country: India

# Author
Place Year
1 Pablo_Bartholomew_A_child_killed_by_the_poiso_658.jpg
Pablo Bartholomew

Bhopal India 1984
A child killed by the poisonous gas leak in the Union Carbide chemical plant disaster.

2 200.jpg
Gerard Klijn

Bihar India 1967

3 Rakesh_Syal_THE_BLUSHING_BRIDE_3521.jpg
Rakesh Syal


4 Olivier_Blaise_An_elephant_on_his_way_to_w_1223.jpg
Olivier Blaise

Bay of Bengal India 1995
An elephant on his way to work between two of the Andaman Islands. Elephants can swim up to 32km a day. Their trunks are ideally suited to be used as snorkels. This elephant is employed in the timber trade, carrying logs along tracks in the jungle. Since local residents discovered the pachyderm's talent to travel through water, it has been put to good use. This elephant was born in captivity and belongs to a landowner on the island of Havelock.

5 Tom_Stoddart_A_woman_waits_for_help_outs_1484.jpg
Tom Stoddart

Gujarat India 2001
A woman waits for help outside her home. One million people were left homeless when an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck Gujarat on January 26. It lasted just 30 seconds, but killed 30,000 people. In the following weeks, survivors, aided by rescue workers, recovered bodies under the rubble of their homes. The earthquake came during the winter, leaving the homeless cold at night, and at risk of disease.

6 Judit_Berekai_amp_Tomasz_G_Yoga_practitioners_exercis_1788.jpg
Judit Berekai & Tomasz Gudzowaty

Varanasi India 2007
Yoga practitioners exercising. Formerly known as Benares, Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world and has long been a center for the study and practice of yoga. A balance of physical exercise, breathing technique and mudra (gesture), yoga aims at a harmonizing of body, mind and emotions.

7 James_Nachtwey_Tamil_guerillas_being_train_786.jpg
James Nachtwey

India 1986
Tamil guerillas being trained. Sri Lanka is the scene of a bitter struggle between the Sinhalese, the major ethnic group, and the Tamil minority.

8 parvin_dabas_liquid_poetry-3_6162.jpg
parvin dabas

liquid poetry-3

9 Arup_Bhattacharjee_Overwhelmed_14564.jpg
Arup Bhattacharjee

India 2013

10 Santosh_Basak_A_centenarian_woman_refugee_261.jpg
Santosh Basak

India 1971
A centenarian woman refugee from East Pakistan is carried by her son towards the town of Bongaon. East Pakistan had attempted to secede from Pakistan, leading to a civil war. India intervened in support of East Pakistan, which eventually broke away to become Bangladesh.

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