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#: 341 - 350

# Author
Place Year
341 Gerlo_Beernink_Forty_female_patients_from__1968.jpg
Gerlo Beernink

Leros 1990
Forty female patients from the Second Ward spend most of the day locked up together in a 10 4-meter space. Psychiatric patients like the 1,300 living on the island of Leros often live in degrading conditions.

342 Steve_McCurry_Camels_search_for_untainted_995.jpg
Steve McCurry

Camels search for untainted shrubs and water in the burning oil fields.

343 Stephane_Compoint_Work_in_progress_at_the_oil_1014.jpg
Stephane Compoint

Al Magwa 1991
Work in progress at the oil field. Iraq's demolition troops left hundreds of 'wild wells' in Kuwait gushing with oil, as much as six million barrels a day at the peak. Then the desert firefighters moved in, latter day cowboys with helmets instead of stetsons, working for companies with names like Boots & Coots and Safety Boss. They got to work amidst unexploded mines and the roar of burning jets of oil, on soil so hot it blistered their knees as they knelt down.

344 Michael_Nichols_Brutal_Kinship.__Lemsip__ha_1025.jpg
Michael Nichols

Brutal Kinship. 'Lemsip' has been anesthetised to perform routine bleeding for Aids research. The animal most closely resembling man, the chimp, is frequently used in medical research.

345 Steve_McCurry_A_bird_in_an_oil_covered_wa_1031.jpg
Steve McCurry

A bird in an oil covered wasteland. The hundreds of oil wells dynamited by Iraqi soldiers before they left Kuwait claimed countless feathered victims.

346 P._Bourseiller_amp_A._de_W_Inhabitants_venture_out_be_1033.jpg
P. Bourseiller & A. de Wildenberg

Olongapo, Luzon Island 1991
Inhabitants venture out between the eruptions of Mount Pinatubo. Over 330 dead and 250,000 homeless was the tragic toll of the eruptions. The 1,780m high volcano had lain dormant for over 600 years. Mass evacuation got underway as ash and stones rained from the sky. Nearby US Clark Air Force Base sustained so much damage that the Pentagon decided to close it.

347 Cristina_Garcia_Rodero_Valencia_celebrates_the_arr_1068.jpg
Cristina Garcia Rodero

Valencia 1992

348 David_Alan_Harvey_A_dream-like_scene_at__Amne_1069.jpg
David Alan Harvey

Ibiza 1992
A dream-like scene at 'Amnesia', where young revelers flock to the disco twice a week to immerse themselves in a sea of bubbles.

349 Paul_Lowe_A_woman_who_was_exposed_to__1077.jpg
Paul Lowe

A woman who was exposed to radiation at the age of 14 with her disabled son. The long-term effects of nuclear tests held in Kazakhstan in the 1950s still affect the lives of those who were in the area at the time.

350 Ronald_Frommann_A_catheter_is_attached_to_t_1123.jpg
Ronald Frommann

Dortmund 1993
A catheter is attached to the foot of an infant to establish the oxygen level in the blood. This neonatal center specializes in high-risk and premature births. Infants born three months early, some weighing as little as 500 grams, are no exception here. They are kept alive with the latest techniques and around-the-clock nursing care, but even so, most babies born before the 26th week of pregnancy suffer permanent damage.

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