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#: 351 - 360

# Author
Place Year
351 Claudio_Herdener_In_Patagonia_some_80,000_bi_1124.jpg
Claudio Herdener

Patagonia 1993
In Patagonia some 80,000 birds die every year after being trapped in oily pools created during oil production. The birds, mistaking the pools for water, struggle to escape for several days. When they die, their bodies - and later their skeletons - remain suspended on the surface. In 1992 a law was passed forbidding the creation of new pools.

352 Frans_Lanting_A_juvenile_orangutan_at_one_1125.jpg
Frans Lanting

Borneo 1993
A juvenile orangutan at one of the two rehabilitation centers in the Malaysian part of Borneo. The Borneo rain forest home to this orangutan, is destroyed at an alarming rate in order to produce timber. The centers prepare this endangered species, which spends most of its time in the treetops, for a return to its natural habitat.

353 James_Nachtwey_A_Hutu_man_at_a_Red_Cross_h_1135.jpg
James Nachtwey

A Hutu man at a Red Cross hospital, his face mutilated by the Hutu 'Interahamwe' militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels. The animosity between the Hutu and Tutsi population groups in Rwanda had been simmering for decades. In April, the death of Hutu president Habyarimana in a plane crash near the capital of Kigali sparked murderous attacks on the Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates.

354 Garo_Lachinian_A_boy_swims_out_to_a_raft_l_1144.jpg
Garo Lachinian

A boy swims out to a raft leaving Cojimar beach for a final farewell to his father and brothers. The promise of freedom and prosperity coupled with the desperate situation at home caused tens of thousands of Cubans to take to the sea in an attempt to reach Florida, 150km across the water. When Fidel Castro lifted Cuba's tight travel restrictions in August the exodus reached a peak, with some 2,000 departures a day.

355 Sholihuddin_A_military_truck_carrying_o_1185.jpg

Surabaya, East Java 1995
A military truck carrying over 100 youths keels over under its heavy load. The passengers were supporters of local football club Persebaya, enjoying a free ride home and waving flags to celebrate their team's victory. The truck - one of 24 made available by a military commander - capsized after only one kilometer. Most of the passengers escaped unharmed, but 12 were hospitalized with minor injuries.

356 Francesco_Cito_To_outsiders,_the_Palio_is__1210.jpg
Francesco Cito

Siena 1995
To outsiders, the Palio is a colorful 90-second horse race around a town square. To the Sienese it is the very essence of their complex social structure. Sport, religion, bribery, rivalry and adulation are just some aspects of this unique event, held twice a year in honor of the Virgin Mary. Ridden bareback, the ten horses representing different quarters of the town can win even if they have jettisoned their jockey. Glory awaits the victorious quarter, while defeat is considered a disgrace.

357 Olivier_Blaise_An_elephant_on_his_way_to_w_1223.jpg
Olivier Blaise

Bay of Bengal 1995
An elephant on his way to work between two of the Andaman Islands. Elephants can swim up to 32km a day. Their trunks are ideally suited to be used as snorkels. This elephant is employed in the timber trade, carrying logs along tracks in the jungle. Since local residents discovered the pachyderm's talent to travel through water, it has been put to good use. This elephant was born in captivity and belongs to a landowner on the island of Havelock.

358 Anatoly_Maltsev_A_man_gives_free_rein_to_hi_1234.jpg
Anatoly Maltsev

Pervomaiskoye 1996
A man gives free rein to his grief after discovering the body of his brother. After seizing 3,000 hostages in Dagestan, a large group of Chechen rebels found themselves trapped in the village. The subsequent missile attack claimed many lives, but dozens of rebels managed to escape.

359 Francesco_Zizola_Angolan_children_mutilated__1249.jpg
Francesco Zizola

Angolan children mutilated by land mines in Luanda, Huambo and Kuito: Of the estimated nine to 15 million mines in Angola, only 80,000 have been cleared. Throughout the anti-colonial rebellion of the 1960s, the civil war following independence and the period when the country became a focus of international power politics, land mines have been deployed here, particularly by UNITA and the Angolan army. Since the signing of the Lusaka Protocol in November 1994, peace has gradually returned.

360 Stephen_Ferry_Dolly_the_sheep_became_the__1320.jpg
Stephen Ferry

Dolly the sheep became the world's most controversial animal. Scientific history was written at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, which announced on February 22 that it had produced the first cloned mammal. Biologists took one mammary cell from an adult ewe and inserted it into a sheep's ovum, which divided and developed to become Dolly, carrier of an exact replica of her mother's DNA. The news sparked heated discussions about the ethics of cloning.

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