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#: 361 - 370

# Author
Place Year
361 Kim_Jae_Young_Riot_police_fall_from_a_cra_1329.jpg
Kim Jae Young

Seoul 1998
Riot police fall from a crane carrier during a raid on the Chogye Temple headquarters building. Internal conflicts within the sect had led to a sit-in by dissident monks. The police were repelled with stones and Molotov cocktails, and their fire-engine ladder was shaken as it reached the fifth floor. Two policemen were critically injured in the fall.

362 Rich_Addicks_A_mother_comforts_her_starv_1336.jpg
Rich Addicks

Ajiep, Bahr el Ghazal 1998
A mother comforts her starving child in a feeding center. The Bahr el Ghazal region was the epicenter of a famine that by August threatened over 800,000 people with death. The village of Ajiep, a focus of Western aid, once had a population of under 5,000. But nearly four times as many had gathered around the village in the hope of receiving food.

363 Mike_Stocker_A_woman_surveys_the_destruc_1337.jpg
Mike Stocker

Tegucicalpa 1998
A woman surveys the destruction, after Hurricane Mitch caused the worst flood in 200 years. It is estimated that over 5,000 people were killed and 550,000 left homeless countrywide. The enormous cost of recovery will severely set back the national economy of the Central American republic.

364 Amel_Emric_A_boy_nets_the_ball_into_a__1356.jpg
Amel Emric

Simin Han 1998
A boy nets the ball into a makeshift goal during a soccer game. The team is made up of refugee children, mostly from the Zvornik area in Bosnia.

365 Craig_Golding_John_Pennay_trains_for_the__1358.jpg
Craig Golding

Liverpool, New South Wales 1998
John Pennay trains for the world barefoot water-ski championships at Helles Park. Australia has a climate conducive to outdoor activities, and a population that considers sports an important part of its culture. On any weekend, a wide variety of sports are being played out across the land. Age and skill may vary, but participants have one thing in common - love of sport and the desire to compete.

366 Eduardo_Verdugo_Residents_of_Trujillo_visit_2017.jpg
Eduardo Verdugo

Trujillo 1998

367 2021.jpg
Jurgen Freund

Pamilacan 1998
A whale shark can grow up to 14m long. For generations the fishermen of the tiny island of Pamilacan have been known as the Hunters of the Bohol Sea. Once they concentrated their efforts on whales and manta rays, recently they turned their skills to whale sharks. Rather than nets or harpoons, the men use hardened steel hooks to catch the giant sharks by hand. Once caught, the whale sharks are towed back to shore alive, then killed and cut up for sale.

368 Jan_Grarup_March-July._A_family_fleein_1392.jpg
Jan Grarup

March-July. A family fleeing Kosovo is reunited at the Albanian border after the mother and child had crossed alone. From March through May, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians fled Serbian aggression in Kosovo. After a lengthy hold-off in the face of NATO bombardment, Serbian president Milosevic finally accepted a peace plan for Kosovo on June 3. On June 12, NATO forces made their way into Kosovo from Albania and Macedonia.

369 Peter_J._Menzel_This_face_robot_from_the_Sc_1418.jpg
Peter J. Menzel

This face robot from the Science University of Tokyo has electric actuators beneath its silicon skin that change facial expressions much as human muscles do. Robotics institutes around the world come up with inventions that have both practical application and popular appeal.

370 Stephan_Vanfleteren_A_young_landmine_victim_lea_1424.jpg
Stephan Vanfleteren

A young landmine victim leaps a stream near Bala Morghab. The country, locked in a civil war between ruling Taliban and opposition forces, is stricken by drought. The youth became a soldier for the Taliban and had lost his leg three months previously after stepping on a landmine. Of no further use as a combatant, he was then sent home.

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