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#: 381 - 390

# Author
Place Year
381 Shoeb_Faruquee_A_young_man_is_restrained_u_1648.jpg
Shoeb Faruquee

Chittagong 2004
A young man is restrained using a 'kunda' at the Zoara Ayurvedic Mental Hospital. The hospital comprises 24 similar rooms. In addition to undergoing long periods of restraint, patients are given ayurvedic medicines. The proprietor of the Zoara hospital says thousands have been cured there since it was founded in 1880.

382 Joe_O_Shaughnessy__Strange_Fruit_,_a_visual_a_2096.jpg
Joe O'Shaughnessy

Galway 2004
Strange Fruit, a visual and physical theatre company from Australia, perform on flexible, four-meter-high poles at the annual Galway Arts Festival.

383 Wilson_Hsu_Barn_Swallows_05_3626.jpg
Wilson Hsu

Barn Swallows 05

384 Lissa_Hatcher_Fairy_Tales_For_Tomorrow_3656.jpg
Lissa Hatcher

Fairy Tales For Tomorrow

385 Miguel_Lasa_A_puffin_3979.jpg
Miguel Lasa

A puffin

386 Miguel_Lasa_Puffin_portrait_4202.jpg
Miguel Lasa

Puffin portrait

387 Mohamad_Azakir_A_man_shouts_for_help_at_th_1664.jpg
Mohamad Azakir

Beirut 2005
A man shouts for help at the scene of the truck-bomb explosion that killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Twenty other people were killed in the blast, which appeared aimed at the politician's motorcade. Hariri had resigned as premier to join the opposition four months earlier, and was aiming at making a comeback in May elections.

388 Chris_Hondros_Samar_Hassan_cries_seconds__1665.jpg
Chris Hondros

Tal Afar 2005
Samar Hassan cries seconds after US troops shot and killed her parents. Soldiers opened fire after the car driven by Samar's father failed to stop as it approached their dusk patrol. A US military statement said troops trying to halt the car used hand signals and fired warning shots before firing directly at the car, killing the driver and front-seat passenger. The town had only days before been the scene of a gun battle between US forces and local insurgents.

389 David_Guttenfelder_Sabir_Hussein_Shah_holds_hi_1672.jpg
David Guttenfelder

Muzaffarabad, Kashmir 2005
Sabir Hussein Shah holds his son Zeeshan (9), who is being treated after having his arm amputated in a field hospital. The regional capital was close to the epicenter of an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale, which had shaken the area three weeks previously. Around 70 percent of the city's buildings were destroyed. It was estimated that more than half of those injured throughout the region were children, crushed in their classrooms and homes.

390 Ryan_Pierse_Andy_Roddick_(US)_hits_a_ba_1686.jpg
Ryan Pierse

Melbourne Park 2005
Andy Roddick (US) hits a backhand during a quarter-final match against Nikolay Davydenko (Russia) at the Australian Open Tennis Championships. Roddick went on to the semi-finals after Davydenko was forced to retire with breathing problems. He was then beaten by home favorite Lleyton Hewitt.

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