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Year: 1988

# Author
Place Year
1 Allan_Tannenbaum_Waving_the_Palestinian_flag_859.jpg
Allan Tannenbaum

West Bank 1988
Waving the Palestinian flag, a demonstrator mounts a burning barricade. The Palestinian Intifadah gained momentum in 1988. By the time Israel celebrated its 40th anniversary on April 21, more than 200 Palestinians had been killed in their fight for their own state.

2 Cor_Mulder_Two_mounted_policemen_enjoy_871.jpg
Cor Mulder

Zwolle 1988
Two mounted policemen enjoy a grandstand view at a football match as a temporary screen prevents watching the match from the ground.

3 852.jpg
Martin Fueger

Ramstein, Rheinland-Pfalz 1988
A mid-air collision at an air show at the Ramstein US Air Force Base. Sixty-seven spectators and four pilots died, and 346 spectators sustained serious injuries in the resulting explosion and fire, making it the worst air disaster of this kind in history.

4 Trevor_McBride_Father_Ale_Reid_admisters_t_854.jpg
Trevor McBride

West Belfast, Northern Ireland 1988
Father Ale Reid admisters the last rites to one of two British soldiers who were shot dead in a car-park after being dragged from their car, stripped of their clothes and beaten up by an angry mob.

5 Alisdair_MacDonald_The_workman_responsible_for_869.jpg
Alisdair MacDonald

London 1988
The workman responsible for an unintended fountain that springs up from the asphalt, turns his back on the scene, dragging along his power drill.

6 Nicolai_Nizov_A_senior_citizen_finds_hims_870.jpg
Nicolai Nizov

Kaluga 1988
A senior citizen finds himself in the path of a group of athletes.

7 David_Turnley_Boris_Abgarzian_grieves_for_848.jpg
David Turnley

Leninakan 1988
Boris Abgarzian grieves for his 17-year-old son, victim of the Armenian earthquake.

8 Rolf_Nafziger_Silke_Bischoff_(18)_is_take_855.jpg
Rolf Nafziger

Gladbeck 1988

9 Alexander_Kopachev_The_scale_of_disaster_after_857.jpg
Alexander Kopachev

Spitak, Armenia 1988
The scale of disaster after the December earthquake, where 25,000 people perished.

10 Dominique_Aubert_Afghan_women_and_their_chil_858.jpg
Dominique Aubert

Sukhab, Baluchistan 1988
Afghan women and their children await their turn at a clinic. At the refugee camp, 120,000 people wait for peace to return to their country. Although after a decade of civil war the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan brought renewed hope, the number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan continued to grow.

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