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Year: 2002

# Author
Place Year
1 Robert_Boguslawski_amp_Tom_Monks_practice_China_s_bes_1547.jpg
Robert Boguslawski & Tomasz Gudzowaty

Henan province 2002
Monks practice China's best-known traditional 'wushu' (war art) at a Shaolin temple. Like many other oriental martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu demands a rigorous combination of mental prowess and physical strength. Its 18 basic positions are inspired by the movement and agility of animals.

2 Brent_Stirton_January_1-5._Camaraderie_an_1545.jpg
Brent Stirton

Eastern Cape 2002
January 1-5. Camaraderie and mutual support are reinforced by life in a communal hut. Boys belonging to the Xhosa ethnic group in South Africa are expected to undergo a circumcision ritual to mark the transition to manhood. Thousands of young men from all over the country, many of them leaving their city lives, attend circumcision schools such as this one.

3 Matias_Costa_A_premature_baby,_born_afte_1560.jpg
Matias Costa

Madrid 2002

4 Mona_Reeder_Workers_make_clay_bricks_in_2069.jpg
Mona Reeder

Workers make clay bricks in a wood-burning kiln outside Kabul. After being fired in the kiln, the bricks are sun-dried, then loaded by hand into trucks. Many brick factories had been lying idle because conflict in Afghanistan had ravaged the economy. But as rehabilitation programs fostered rebuilding and the construction of schools, the brickyards began to re-open.

5 Jan_Grarup_Liberian_refugees_wait_for__1536.jpg
Jan Grarup

Liberian refugees wait for transit permits to enter Sierra Leone and travel to safe camps away from the border region. They were fleeing Liberia during a civil war between rebel forces and the government of President Charles Taylor. Intense fighting in the border area led to some 8,500 people fleeing to Sierra Leone in late June. They included both Liberians and former Sierra Leonean refugees returning home after years of asylum in Liberia.

6 Michael_Amendolia_Kangaroos_roam_across_Oley__2063.jpg
Michael Amendolia

Warren, New South Wales 2002
Kangaroos roam across Oley Station in drought-stricken New South Wales. In times of drought the animals move across the country in large groups, in search of water and food. The quest brings them into towns and on to cattle stations and sheep farms, where well-water is available and where they compete with the livestock for resources. This has led to an increasing demand by property owners for kangaroo populations to be culled.

7 Arild_Sleire_A_silent_day_5785.jpg
Arild Sleire

A silent day

8 Brent_Stirton_A_twelve-year-old_former__b_1541.jpg
Brent Stirton

Kono 2002
A twelve-year-old former 'bushwife' in Sierra Leone. She was ten when RUF rebels abducted her. The soldiers used children and young women as porters, cooks and sex slaves, hence the term 'bushwife'. The scars on this girl's body are as a result of burns made by caustic soda. She was caught trying to escape and tortured as an example to other abductees.

9 Tim_Clayton_A_shower_of_late-afternoon__1548.jpg
Tim Clayton

Auckland 2002
A shower of late-afternoon rain drenches Papua New Guinea goalkeeper Tapas Posman, as he kicks the ball clear during a match against New Zealand as part of the Oceania Nations Cup Championships. His team lost the match nine goals to one.

10 Peter_Essick_Spent_nuclear_reactor_fuel__1563.jpg
Peter Essick

Idaho 2002
Spent nuclear reactor fuel is kept sealed in steel cylinders behind glass walls, at a government facility. A long-awaited cleanup is underway at 114 of the US's nuclear facilities. The nuclear age has produced 52,000 tons of spent fuel from commercial, military and research nuclear reactors, as well as some 91 million gallons of waste from plutonium processing - both are classified as high-level waste, the most dangerously radioactive kind. Radioactivity can last for millions of years.

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