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Genre: News

# Author
Place Year
1 Charlie_Cole_A_demonstrator_confronts_a__896.jpg
Charlie Cole

Tiananmen Square, Beijing 1989
A demonstrator confronts a line of People's Liberation Army tanks during protests for democratic reform.

2 Kenneth_Jarecke_The_body_of_an_incinerated__1006.jpg
Kenneth Jarecke

The body of an incinerated Iraqi soldier who met his death in his truck.

3 Tom_Stoddart_For_15_years_Sudan_has_been_1340.jpg
Tom Stoddart

Ajiep, Bahr el Ghazal 1998

4 Malcolm_Browne_Buddhist_monk_named_Thich_Q_3053.jpg
Malcolm Browne

Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc who burned himself to death to protest Diem during the Vietnam War.

5 Stanley_Forman_A_mother_and_her_daughter_a_346.jpg
Stanley Forman

Boston 1975
A mother and her daughter are hurled off a collapsing fire-escape in an apartment house fire. Together with a fire-fighter, they waited for the rescue ladder to reach them. As the fire-fighter climbed onto the ladder, the fire-escape collapsed under their feet and they fell to the ground five floors below. The woman was killed but the child survived, her fall cushioned by the woman's body.

6 Hans_Windeck_Joseph_Luns,_Secretary-Gene_421.jpg
Hans Windeck

Joseph Luns, Secretary-General of NATO.

7 David_Burnett_A_young_girl_at_a_camp_for__666.jpg
David Burnett

A young girl at a camp for orphans.

8 Dominic__Nahr_A_Sudan_Armed_Forces_(SAF)__2253.jpg
Dominic Nahr


9 James_Nachtwey_Contra_mortally_wounded_in__663.jpg
James Nachtwey

Contra mortally wounded in jungle warfare.

10 Alexander_Shogin_A_follower_of_Dr._Igor_Char_817.jpg
Alexander Shogin

Black Sea 1987
A follower of Dr. Igor Charkovsky putting his revolutionary ideas about water therapy for children into practice. Charkovsky also worked out a method for underwater childbirth.

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