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#: 161 - 170

# Author
Place Year
161 Jean-Marie_de_Craene_A_rebel_loyal_to_Prince_Joh_952.jpg
Jean-Marie de Craene

Monrovia 1990
A rebel loyal to Prince Johnson executes a soldier of President Doe's army. The soldier was stopped by the rebels at a checkpoint, beaten up, and then shot.

162 Farnood_A_woman_holds_her_dead_gran_953.jpg

A woman holds her dead grandson. In the night of June 20-21 a severe earthquake hit the fertile northern Iranian provinces of Zanjan and Gilan, leaving over 50,000 dead and 500,000 homeless.

163 Patrick_Robert_Children_crowd_around_the_b_1045.jpg
Patrick Robert

Monrovia 1992
Children crowd around the body of a soldier suspected of murder and executed by firing squad. In an attempt to assert its authority in the face of systematic pillaging and random killings, the army had paraded the man through the streets before tying him up to be executed.

164 Carol_Guzy_Jackie_Cohen,_Tommy_George__1061.jpg
Carol Guzy

Miami, Florida 1992
Jackie Cohen, Tommy George and their new-born baby, victims of Hurricane Andrew which sowed death and destruction in the southern states. The mobile home park where the family lived was flattened by the hurricane, and daughter Kaitlynn spent the first weeks of her life amidst piles of rubble, rotting garbage and shattered dreams. In the aftermath of the disaster Jackie had to wash the baby with water from a jug, and Tommy carried a rifle to scare away looters.

165 Tim_Clayton_Stephen_Dewick_(16)_launche_1064.jpg
Tim Clayton

Woy Woy 1992
Stephen Dewick (16) launches himself into the water. Known for his lightning start, Dewick is one of Australia's most promising backstroke talents. His international career has so far been restricted to junior events.

166 Paul_Watson_Followers_of_General_Aidid__1092.jpg
Paul Watson

Mogadishu 1993
Followers of General Aidid drag a slain American through the streets. Begun as a mission to relieve the famine in December 1992, the American and UN presence in Somalia was increasingly the focus of violent events. Negotiations with local warlords did not improve the situation, and the foreign soldiers were often treated as invaders.

167 Tim_Clayton_Olympic_200m_individual_med_1109.jpg
Tim Clayton

Sydney 1993
Olympic 200m individual medley finalist Matthew Dunn during a training session. The 'glassy' effect is caused by the surface tension of the water, which is about to be broken by the thrust of the swimmer's head.

168 Anne_Cusack_During_a_basketball_game,_L_1111.jpg
Anne Cusack

Thousand Oaks, California 1993
During a basketball game, Leon Watson's 'slam dunk' is executed with such force that the backboard shattered and came crashing down on him - he had to go to hospital for stitches. The game between two high-school teams, the Crenshaw Cougars and the Faith Baptists, had to be abandoned.

169 Karim_Daher_Ibrahim_Alayan_is_pulled_fr_1233.jpg
Karim Daher

Nabatiye 1996
Ibrahim Alayan is pulled from the rubble of his home in Nabatiyet north of Tyre, which was hit by a missile. For 16 days Israel pounded Lebanon targeting the Hezballah movement using artillery, missiles, F-16 jets and helicopter gunships. Some 160 Lebanese civilians lost their lives before US-guided diplomacy silenced the guns.

170 John_Gay_A_US_Navy_F_A-18__Hornet__p_1415.jpg
John Gay

Pacific Ocean 1999
A US Navy F/A-18 'Hornet' passing through a water vapor cloud at the speed of sound. The jet was assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron One Five One, at the time deployed with the aircraft carrier USS Constellation. The shot was taken from the 0-10 level weather deck, the highest vantage point on the ship.

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