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Year: 1999

# Author
Place Year
1 Michael_Clancy_In_this_photo,_a_21-week-ol_3026.jpg
Michael Clancy

21-week-old fetus grasps the hand of Dr. Joseph Bruner during a mid-pregnancy operation.

2 Nicole_Ottawa_A_micro-submarine_travels_t_1416.jpg
Nicole Ottawa

A micro-submarine travels through a human artery. The submarine was made by a micro technology firm in Duisburg, Germany, using a technique by which three-dimensional objects can be created directly from a computer program, by means of laser beams. Equipped with appropriate instruments, such submarines will in future be able to detect defects in internal organs.

3 Michael_Adaskaveg_The_sight_in_Michelle_Pevar_1417.jpg
Michael Adaskaveg

The sight in Michelle Pevarnik's right eye is saved by a tissue transplant from her sister Brenda. Dr Stephen Foster, a professor at Harvard Medical School, harvested stem cells - factories that produce various types of cells - from the surface of Brenda's eye under local anesthetic. Normally, the body replaces these cells regularly, but in Michelle's case they were damaged and had to be replaced.

4 John_Gay_A_US_Navy_F_A-18__Hornet__p_1415.jpg
John Gay

Pacific Ocean 1999
A US Navy F/A-18 'Hornet' passing through a water vapor cloud at the speed of sound. The jet was assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron One Five One, at the time deployed with the aircraft carrier USS Constellation. The shot was taken from the 0-10 level weather deck, the highest vantage point on the ship.

5 Roland_Schmid_Nguyen_Huu_An_(left),_5_yea_4036.jpg
Roland Schmid

Nguyen Huu An (left), 5 years old and Nguyen Thi Than Tuyen, 3 years old with their mother in Huong.

6 Jan_Grarup_March-July._A_family_fleein_1392.jpg
Jan Grarup

March-July. A family fleeing Kosovo is reunited at the Albanian border after the mother and child had crossed alone. From March through May, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians fled Serbian aggression in Kosovo. After a lengthy hold-off in the face of NATO bombardment, Serbian president Milosevic finally accepted a peace plan for Kosovo on June 3. On June 12, NATO forces made their way into Kosovo from Albania and Macedonia.

7 Peter_J._Menzel_This_face_robot_from_the_Sc_1418.jpg
Peter J. Menzel

This face robot from the Science University of Tokyo has electric actuators beneath its silicon skin that change facial expressions much as human muscles do. Robotics institutes around the world come up with inventions that have both practical application and popular appeal.

8 Harald_Henden_Kosovo_Albanians_trapped_in_1376.jpg
Harald Henden

Blace 1999
Kosovo Albanians trapped in a no man's land at the border between Kosovo and Macedonia. As tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians fled their homes, Macedonian authorities closed the borders for fear of too great an influx. The Kosovars were caught between Serb paramilitary units on one side, and Macedonian forces on the other. International media were given severely restricted access, so it was difficult for the refugees to communicate their plight.

9 Bruno_Fablet_Cars_streak_across_the_dese_1403.jpg
Bruno Fablet


10 Carol_Guzy_In_this_photo,_two-year-old_3025.jpg
Carol Guzy

In this photo, two-year-old Agim Shala is being passed through a barbed wire fence.

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