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Year: 2000

# Author
Place Year
1 Stephan_Vanfleteren_A_young_landmine_victim_lea_1424.jpg
Stephan Vanfleteren

A young landmine victim leaps a stream near Bala Morghab. The country, locked in a civil war between ruling Taliban and opposition forces, is stricken by drought. The youth became a soldier for the Taliban and had lost his leg three months previously after stepping on a landmine. Of no further use as a combatant, he was then sent home.

2 Shafiqul_Alam_Kiron_Nasrin_Sultana_Dulali_worke_1429.jpg
Shafiqul Alam Kiron

Dhaka 2000
Nasrin Sultana Dulali worked as a nurse in a private clinic. She refused the advances of ward assistant Haider, who was later sacked for misconduct. After work one evening, Dulali had acid thrown at her. People alerted by Dulali's screams said they caught Haider red-handed. They tied him to a lamppost, beat him and handed him over to police. Haider was apparently burnt by his own acid when throwing it. He confessed to the photographer, but later denied involvement to the police.

3 Thomas_Coex_Palestinian_youths_take_cov_1430.jpg
Thomas Coex

Gaza Strip 2000
Palestinian youths take cover behind sheets of corrugated iron during clashes with Israeli troops. The confrontation took place in the area that separates the Palestinian city of Khan Yunes from the Jewish settlement of Gush Katif. Conflict between Palestinian protestors and Israeli forces had so far left over 140 dead and 4,000 wounded. All but eight of the fatalities had been Palestinian.

4 Jon_Hrusa_An_African_penguin_soaked_i_2044.jpg
Jon Hrusa

Cape Town 2000
An African penguin soaked in bunker oil, attempts in vian to rid himself of the oil by preening. An oil spill following the sinking of the MV Treasure off Cape Town threatened colonies of African penguins, an endangered species. Over 40 per cent of the African penguin population lives on nearby Robben and Dassen islands. Around 12,000 volunteers from across the world joined in a rescue mission. By the end of the operation, nearly all the affected birds had been returned to the wild.

5 Reinhard_Krause_Palestinians_attempt_to_esc_1432.jpg
Reinhard Krause

Khan Yones, Gaza Strip 2000
Palestinians attempt to escape Israeli tear gas during clashes. A month earlier, Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon had visited Jerusalem holy sites, including Temple Mount, venerated by both Jews and Muslims. The visit sparked off a spiral of violence in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinian casualties included large numbers of young men and boys.

6 Amit_Shabi_An_Israeli_border_policeman_1433.jpg
Amit Shabi

Jerusalem 2000
An Israeli border policeman argues with a Palestinian in the Old City of Jerusalem. The man had been refused entry to the al-Aqsa mosque for Friday prayers during Ramadan. Israeli security forces prevented Palestinian men under the age of 45 from attending prayers following unrest in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

7 Hien_Lam-Duc_Iraq_s_inhabitants_in_and_a_1449.jpg
Hien Lam-Duc

Iraq's inhabitants in and around Baghdad: Khadhum Judes (52).

8 Bo_Thomassen_A_traditional_whaler_harpoo_1470.jpg
Bo Thomassen

Lanalera, Lembata Island 2000
A traditional whaler harpoons a sperm whale in waters off the village. The men hunt using wooden boats and hand-held harpoons. They put their entire weight behind the harpoon, jumping on to the whale's back to spear it. This does not kill the whale. Instead, a number of boats harpoon the animal, and it swims around dragging the boats behind it until it is tired out. Then the men pull it alongside and kill it with knives.

9 Richard_Webster_Send_a_free_photo_eCard_3558.jpg
Richard Webster


10 Yuri_Bonder_DUNE_(Nature)_4018.jpg
Yuri Bonder

DUNE (Nature)

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